A Guide for Treating Fever in Children - The Child Health Blog

A Guide for Treating Fever in Children - The Child Health Blog

A Guide for Treating Fever in Children

Treating Fever in Children is one of the clinical signs are associated with many diseases during childhood, sometimes fever also occurs due to direct impacts from the external environment, for example weather too hot, parents heat their children too closely, fever after a vaccination.

How to identify a fever in Children

Parents may recognize the child has a fever by touching the childs abdomen or armpit

A normal oral temperature is 36,5 37,50C. A normal rectal temperature is one degree higher.Temperature also varies from day to night or the ages the temperature : 37.5 a slight fever C 38.50; 38.5 390C moderate fever; 39 400C is a high fever; > 400C is very high fever.

The most correct way to take the temperature of a young child is rectally. If your child cant keep a thermometer under her tongue and cant keep her mouth closed for three minutes, use a rectal thermometer.

Vaccination: children may have fever, fussiness after vaccine inoculation.

ERUPTION the child may have fever, fussiness, salivation, , anorexia.

WearING too many clothes: young children, especially infants, may have a fever while wearing too many clothes, because the childs body heat which has not been finalized so children easily changed according to ambient temperature

Respiratory infections such as sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia and high fever manifested

Urinary tract infections: fever accompanied by frequent urination, fell pain when urinating or a few drops of urine, incontinence.

Sepsis: infants who show signs of infection, high fever continuously, not eating, vomiting everything, lethargy, tachycardia, tachypnea, maybe skin rashes.

Treating a Fever in Children at home

When the child have a fever, parent should take off the clothes, blanket. Children should only wear loose clothing clear to relieve body heat to help children reduce fever.Apply a damp towel to their forehead

Keep the room ventilated and cool help to reduce body temperature. You can open the window, open the air-conditioning or a fan.

If the temperature high, children may feel uncomfortable parent can give children paracetamol or ibuprofen at the doses and times your doctor or pharmacist recommends, or read the instructions on the medicine label.

For Children who have fever with high temperature, the parents can Usesoft towel to wash babies about 5-10 minutes with warm water.This may reduce the temperature. Don’t use cold water, it will rise babies’s temperature.

-Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

When a child has a fever, they need more fluids than usual because the fever will make the child you are sweating a lot. Make sure give your children to drink plenty of fluids about a few tablespoons per minute

Children should sleep more and spend time to rest

What not to do for a fever

Do not warm children by wearing lots of cloths children w they are febrile.

Do not use rubbing alcohol inhaled fumes may cause some damage.

Never use ice water to bathe your child.

Never use Aspirin to treat fever ,it can cause brain damage

If the fever is not reduced when apply above ways ,parents should take the child to the nearest hospital for proper treatment.

If any one of the following signs appear, you should take the child to a doctor immediately. These signs include persistent fever, body temperature of 40 degrees or more, not eat well, or seizures.

Here are the guilde for Treating Fever in Children that help you take care of your children carefully.

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