Doctor Recommended Diabetic Weight Loss Program Testimonials

Doctor Recommended Diabetic Weight Loss Program Testimonials

Doctor Recommended Diabetic Weight Loss Program Testimonials

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I lost 91 lbs in 7 months. After being on 7 shots of insulin a day at the beginning, I am now completely free of any diabetic medications. My doctors are amazed at what I have done. I am still on the program with about 50 lbs more to lose but I am so excited about what I have accomplished!

- Alice

The majority of my diabetic patients who follow the program as designed are able to begin lowering their meds in about 2 weeks, it is amazing. Many are able to get off most of their Rx. We have one woman who was on an insulin pump and able to stop that - her endocrinologist was surprised and now he is wanting to learn about how this works!

- Dr. Paul McGrew

I have a client who had been taking insulin injections for 7 years every day. After just a week on this program she stopped needing to poke her finger and inject insulin. Her daughter is on the program with her and can not thank us enough for giving her mom her health back. Can''t put a price tag on that!

- Rhonda (Health Coach)

My sugar was close to 400!!! Yikes! Within a month of being on plan my sugar has dropped to a little above 100 and has stayed there for the past year. This program is designed to get people healthy QUICK!

- Anonymous

What is so incredible about this program is that after losing the weight and learning how to eat better, we have clients who still do not have to use their medicines for diabetes and hypertension. This program has changed their lives forever. It is not some short term diet thing but a program that has got them on the path to better health with NO MORE MEDICINE!

- Brian (Health Coach)

I developed type 2 diabetes a few years ago. My blood sugar has been in the 150''s. After a month on this program I have lost 20 pounds! My blood sugar is down below 100 and my energy is up. I had a check up with my doctor after two weeks on the program; I no longer need my blood pressure medicine. I went on to lose 7 more pounds. Truly miraculous!

- Rulon

My Blood sugar was out of control, 300-400ish regularly. I was on 6 different meds. Within 4 days of starting the program, my meds were reduced. I lost 75 pounds and am now off my meds! Woohoo!

- Reenie

My husband''s best friend from high school had been a diabetic for 20 years and taking 2 forms of insulin daily. After being on the program 2 - 3 weeks - his glucose numbers were always close to 200 or above...they were now coming in at 85 - 110 consistently. He had to call his Dr.''s office and speak with their nutritionist, because sometimes his numbers went lower...which is dangerous...they were able to help him make adjustments to his insulin since his body was responding SO WELL TO NUTRITION. After the first 2 months on the program, under his physician''s direction - he got off of one of his doses. (He started in February, 2009) by August he was down well over 100 lbs. and his physician said if he kept his numbers in line like he had all year, he could stop taking his second dose. The gentleman said he only wanted to lose weight, he has been totally surprised at the health benefits he has enjoyed besides the weight loss.

- Shirley

My sister was on insulin when she started the program at the end of July. Her blood sugar was always around 150 and now she is below 90. She now has lots of energy, feels great and by the way, she just celebrated her 70th birthday! She is also much more active and looks fantastic. She has lost 50 lbs and is no longer on insulin of any kind! Her Doctor was very impressed.

- Gloria

I am NOT DIABETIC anymore! I used to take a baggie full of meds and shots, and now I don''t take any of them anymore! My sugars are all normal.

- John

I am hypoglycemic. I come from a diabetic family on my Dad''s side. I was unable to stay on any program or loose weight because I kept getting the shakes and would get very weak and feel like I was going to pass out. My blood sugar would bottom out. My Dr. always told me to go on a low carb diet. This had always worked for me in the past 15 years. I needed to drop weight. After recovering from an illness that had caused me to lose tons of weight, I got well after moving back to Nashville. The weight starting piling on, I quickly went from looking anorexic from the illness, to putting on about 50 lbs! I went to my Dr. at Baptist and had tests run. He told me that I was healthy, but that my metabolism was shot due to the illness I had and my age. He told me to go on a low carb diet. That had always worked for me. This time, NOTHING worked. My metabolism was shot. I also was not able to excercise due to a foot problem. I finally met my health coach and she introduced me to this program. I was desperate to get the weight off as I had shot from a size 9 to a size 16 and was headed into an 18. It works. It stabilized my blood sugars, helped all of my health problems, and I never got the shakes or felt weak. It gave me energy and made me feel better than I had in years. The weight came back off! This program is a way to healthy living. It is NOT a diet. It is a healthy way of LIFE!

- Elaine

I have a client who was taking insulin 3x a day. After 3 months she lost 50lbs & was off her medication after 2 weeks. Best part of this is she has been trying to get pregnant for 15+ yrs & after 3.5 months on program got pregnant. She is due in May. Since then she has referred 6 of her friends who also were unable to get pregnant & 4 of them are pregnant now! So much for fertility doc''s huh?

- Crista (Health Coach)

My hubby is no longer pre-diabetic! He is loving how his body feels-no more pressure on his joints!

- Lisa

My 180 pound (so far) weight loss got me very quickly off my two oral diabetes medications and my sister''s 95 pound loss got her off insulin in two weeks!

- Elisabeth

I am a type 2 diabetic who lost 60 lbs in 3 months and has kept it off for 1 year with normal blood sugars.

- Carl

I am type two diabetic and in just a months time my A1C was down to 5.9 and I was able to cut my medications in half. Three months later I was able to stop my diabetes meds altogether (otherwise my blood sugar would drop to 68.) At the same time we found that my blood pressure was normal, as was my tryglycerides and my cholesterol. It''s been 1.5 years and all my test results are still normal with little to no meds at all.

- Michelle