We'll Show you How

We'll Show you How

How wealthy could you be if you
could turn
oxygen into money?

We''ll Show you How

If you could..............

Turn Oxygen into Money

Would it be worth your time to find out how?

Would you say yes to that opportunity?

Show people how to "Turn Oxgen Into Money"

Hydroxygen Plus™ = Opportunity

As a Dealer/Distributor you have seven different ways to earn Money.

At Global Health Trax, we know that everyone is different. So...we''ve designed a flexible, rich compensation plan to meet the needs of the individual. If you''re a part time networker, there''s a component for you. If you''re a full time networker, the entire market plan will work for you!

When you decide to become a Global Health Trax Distributor, we will teach you to make the most of our lucrative compensation plan to grow your income stream.

There are seven concurrent ways to earn money with your Global Health Trax business. You can take advatange of every step in the compensation plan in which you are qualified, accumulating various income centers along the way.

You will be provided with an e-commerce site, at no cost to you, just like this site you are viewing.

  1. GHT Direct:
    When you give your customers your special GHT code number and they order products directly from the company or from your free retail web site, you''ll earn up to 33% retail commission. In addition, if qualified, you receive an extra 20% bonus!

  2. ENROLLER Bonus:
    Qualify to become an Enroller and earn a special Enroller bonus of up to 30% on all bonus volume credited in the first month by those you bring into the business. It also qualifies you to earn income on the volume produced by new ''downline'' enrollers and distributors in their organization.

    If you are the original enroller, you qualify to earn an additional 3% bonus from personal volume created by all those you have personally enrolled, no matter where they are in your organization!

    Basic Builder Bonus are based on the product sales made by your downline sales organization. Just meet a volume qualification of $21.95 Auto Ship monthly.

    If you would like to qualify for even more....by increasing you personal sales volume to $58.00 Auto you will double the Basic Builder Bonus award.

  6. GENERATION Bonus:
    By achieving Senior Executive and helping one at least one of your distributors to achieve Senior Executive, you are promoted to Executive and receive an additional 3% on each of the five generations in every one of your legs.

    When you achieve the rank of Double Eagle, you receive a share of the pool that is made up of 1% of the entire company''s commissionable sales for the calendar year.

With revolutionary products

Available exclusively from Global Health Trax

Isn''t it time you turned oxygen into

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