a motivation pulse check Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

a motivation pulse check  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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One of my favorite fitness bloggers Natalie Hodson posted the following on Facebook the other day and it really resonated with me and how Ive been feeling for the last couple weeks:

Ive been having a hard time staying super motivated these past few weeks. My nutrition has been far from perfect and Ive missed quite a few workouts. Ive kind of come to realize that, for me at least, motivation isnt a constant thing. I have times where I am super motivated, and times where Im really not very motivated at all. The same goes for a lot of things: my Scentsy business, blogging, keeping in touch with friends, planning fun play dates for my kids, heck even organizing my house. Ive learned not to beat myself up on the times I feel less motivated, I adjust my daily goals slightly, and with time, the motivation comes back. It just kind of cycles itself I guess and sometimes some parts of my life feel louder and other times other parts of my life feel quieter.  -Natalie Hodson

It actually made me feel better about how Ive feeling lately…Im not alone apparently.  I decided for this week that I would quit beating myself up about not getting up in the morning for the gym and just make small commitments like 1) Stop eating complete crap at every meal & 2) Go on extra long walks with my dog.  I figured small is better than nothing and now I can pat myself on the back for achieving my small goals.

I also had a dear friend(does dear friend make it sound like Im 80 yrs old?  well she is a very dear friend) texted me yesterday telling me that she had some personal bests in the gym.  After congratulating her and further informing her that I had lost my motivation, she responded, Get on it girl!  I mean, seriously, it really is that easy…just get back to the gym already Kirsten.  Between Natalies post and my friends text, Im feeling like Im getting my mojo back.  Im planning to get back into the gym this Saturday and Im looking forward to it.

So if anyone else has trouble finding motivation sometimes, youre not alone.  I love Natalies idea of setting daily goals, and I would add, attainable goals.  And honestly, Get on it girl and make it a priority to get your mojo back.

How do you stay motivated?  What do you do if you lose your motivation?

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← Tiny Tip Tuesday: keep it out of the house What are your holiday tips? →

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This is my pursuit of a life full of health. I hope you will join, stay, & participate. I''ll share what works for me and my lessons learned. I hope you will share yours as well!

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