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Is it not normal to blush when

you see your crush walking towards you or when your partner whispers some

lovely things to you in public? Is it not normal to blush when you are

embarrassed by some situation or when you are caught doing some mistake?

happens to every single person! But sometimes this phenomenon occurs more

frequently than usual and it becomes difficult to control it. One just has to

learn few knacks of controlling or how to prevent blushing and he is as ready as

Let us understand why we blush

for both physical and psychological reasons. When the body is stimulated in any

way the nervous system reacts immediately. The small blood vessels in our face

get dilated and there is an increased blood supply in that portion. This makes

us blush. It is not limited to the face alone, but can extend to the ears, neck

or even the upper chest and is very often accompanied by hot sensation in those

affected areas. It seems to be the natural reaction of our body to some

situations. Now that we know why we blush, we can learn how to prevent blushing

situations make us blush. We may blush when we are angry or when we are nervous

or anxious about something. When flush we are facing an embarrassing situation.

We also blush when we are provided unnecessary limelight or praise. A more

natural one would be blushing due to the presence of that ''special one''.

Whatever the cause might be, we have to realize that there is no reason to

blush at that moment. This might cause further embarrassment and further

blushing. Relaxing at that particular moment is very essential to accept and

snap out of the whole blushing part. One should maintain a calm and composed

demeanor and control the emotions like embarrassment or coyness. These are

fundamentals of how to prevent blushing when not required.

When we smile, we develop a

natural blush sometimes. So having a smile on is very helpful as it helps in

concealing the blushing. Acceptance forms a big part of how to prevent

blushing. The more we make peace with it, the comfortable we become with the

fact that we blush. This will gradually make people less interested in it and

will make you less conscious about it. It will keep getting better when

practiced regularly. Announcing about the blush also helps as it relaxes the

people around you and saves you the effort of hiding or being bothered about

factors, physiological factor too aggravate the situation. It is said that

excessive consumption of hot and spicy foods and alcohol can make the face red.

Dermatological condition like rosacea should be treated as it leaves permanent

red spots on the face which may look like blush. Exposure to sun also makes the

face and exposed parts red. Usage of sunscreen covering of exposed body parts

should be done. This is all one needs to know about how to prevent blushing.

enthusiasts are always looking for a leg up when it comes to maximizing their

time spent in the gym. Sometimes it just takes experience to learn the ins and

outs of the gym, but in this case allow me to impart some knowledge.

1. Bring a Water Source With You

Hydration is one of the most

overlooked wellness measures in our culture. Our lives are so busy and full of

distraction that stopping to take a sip of water can easily be forgotten. Training

yourself to drink water consistently throughout the day is a tough enough habit

to adopt. Forcing yourself to drink water periodically while at the gym is a

When you go to the gym, bring a

water bottle with you. Don''t leave it with your coat or keys, take it around

with you to each workout station you go to, this will help you to remember to

drink. I recommend taking a sip or two between every workout. An even better

way to force yourself to drink is to buy a nice water bottle from the store. If

it is a nice bottle that you paid money for you will be much more likely to

remember to take it with you wherever you go. For extra performance, fill your

bottle with a BCAA powder mix for an intra-workout boost to your muscular

detox workout or just trying to burn more calories, wear an extra layer of gym

clothes than you would normally. Wearing an extra layer, like a sweatshirt top,

sweatpants, long sleeve shirt, or a hat, can increase your body temperature

while you workout. This can help you sweat more in the gym and burn more

calories. If you''re working out after a weekend of drinking or eating and want

to clean up your system, sweating it out with an extra layer can be the best

way to get your body feeling good again. Psychologically sweating more at the

gym can be good too, you will feel that you worked much harder while you were

If you have two exercises on

your list that you can do on the same machine or bench it can sometimes be best

to superset these exercises so that you save time and increase the intensity of

your workout. When you do a superset, you combine two different exercises that

you do in succession. For example, if you were to superset bench press and

pushups you would do your reps on the bench press, then right after get down on

the floor and do 10 pushups. The benefits of supersets are great, you increase

the intensity and effectiveness of your muscles, so your body learns to work

harder and grow stronger, and it can actually save time and increase the

efficiency of your work outs. If you did an entire workout of 6 different

supersets, you could do 12 different exercises in about the same time it would

take you to do 6. This is a great technique for those days when you have

limited time in the gym, but you still want to get as good a workout as

possible, just do a couple of supersets and in 30 minutes you''ll feel like you

just worked out for an hour.

before you get to the gym has its obvious benefits. Instead of getting to the

gym and staring at the equipment for five minutes before you decide what you

want to do, having a plan means you can walk in and immediately start hitting

the weights. Well, here''s an even more simple hack to add to your workout plan,

name your workout. "Get Big Day," "Weekend Detox," or

"Hump Day" are just simple examples of the titles you can give. What

a title does when you put it at the top of your workout plan is it gives you a

purpose to your workout. When we go to the gym with a purpose or goal in mind

we tend to work the hardest, get the best results, and enjoy our workout the

most. It''s simple psychology but something I''m sure most of us don''t already

apply, when workouts begin to become monotonous and ordinary is when we tend to

lose interest. Next time you write a workout, throw a title at the top of your

list and see how it changes your habits.

Routines are great. They get us

into the gym, help us figure out what to do when we are there, and generally

make our lives easier. However, over time routines can cause stagnation in

personal improvement both inside of the gym and outside of the gym. In the gym,

repeatedly doing the same exercise routines every week can result in reduced

muscle adaptation and growth in as little time as five weeks of repetition.

Having routines in your lifestyle that you carry on for months at a time can

also result in similar effects for your psychological and physiological health.

Overcome routines and muscle growth stagnation by simply recognizing when

you''ve been doing the same types of workouts or exercises for a while, and

change it. For life routines, changing the route you take to work or the time

you go to bed can have a great impact on the path of your day.

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