ElectriFire-a Healthy Energy Drink Choice

ElectriFire-a Healthy Energy Drink Choice

Life passing you by, because you''re just too tired to enjoy it? Too tired to keep up with & enjoy your kids? Sleepless nights got you to exhausted to preform at work? Just feel run down, yet you can''t stop? Or are you looking for energy to make that workout routine more enjoyable?

Living in a fast pace world, it''s hard to take care of our health. So many times, we end up snacking, eating on the run, or not even eating at all. As a result of years of abuse, is it any wonder why we end up tired, lacking energy to enjoy life? Many persons turn to energy drinks as a quick fix. But are all energy drinks healthy for you? NO! Potential dangers include heart attacks to depression to premature aging and even death. It''s not worth the risk! While the claims made by advertisers can be convincing it is important for you to understand the differences between products and how that affects your health.


Energy drinks have become a three billion dollar business in the US. But, the popularity of these drinks does not mean that they are all created equal. Sports drinks, like Gatorade, were created for athletes to replenish carbohydrates and electrolytes. Water alone cannot provide these nutrients to hard working bodies. These additions, along with flavor enhancement which encourages more drinking, can help with rehydration which will increase energy if lack of hydration is the cause of a depletion of energy.

On the other hand, many energy drinks that are advertised as a herbal energizer are not always using enough of the herb to create any noticeable effect. Also, if too much of the potent herb is present, it is dangerous in that it could even cause adverse reactions with other medications that person is taking. Many of the marketed energy drinks are very high in sugar which may give you an initial boost, but it will also lead to sharp drops in sugar levels which will create a cycle of dependency. Some drinks are enhanced with caffeine as a stimulant,but can also lead to addiction - a special danger to children who may regularly choose energy drinks without understanding the health risks of caffeine.

All of this makes you wonder: Is there a safe alternative to energy drinks without the dangers or side effects?

Well, finally there is a healthy solution!

Get FIRED up in a natural healthy way!

ElectriFire gives you the energy you need to create the life you want today. Fuel the fire within you while supporting your overall health. Don’t risk your health and happiness for artificial energy.

ElectriFire is an exclusive combination of safe energy and natural health products that utilizes ForeverGreen’s patent-pending technology to take natural plant concentrates and render them water-soluble, making them instantly absorbed. These proprietary blends contain natural, safe, clean and organic ingredients for instant energy that lasts for hour and is felt thru out your whole body.

Today is your life! ElectriFire gives you the energy you need to create the life you desire today! Fuel the fire within you while supporting your overall health.

ElectriFire-where energy & health team up together!

ElectriFire is different. ElectriFire is Healthy! Feel the energizing effects in your whole body without the dangers associated with other energy drinks!

ElectriFire-a Heal Energy Drink