Experimental Medicine against Ebola making debate

Experimental Medicine against Ebola making debate

The decision to try the drug is still in the experimental level against two u.s. citizensinfected with ebola ignite ethical controversy, because ebola has already claimed thelives of nearly 1,000 Africans.

Although the debate has been ignited, given the already large number of casualtiesfell in Africa, u.s. experts say, it could be ethically justified. The World Health Organization (WHO) announced, his schedule a special meeting next week. Themeeting will be examined the use of the drug is still in the experimental stage, to the spread of ebola in West Africa. The drug named ZMapp that has now been used to treat two U.S. humanitarian organization, working for Samaritan’s Purse.

ZMapp is still in the early stages of development, and before it is used on both the citizens of the u.s., a new drug is tested on monkeys. Therefore, these drugs arenot produced in large quantities, and there has been no evidence it could treat or cureebola. But the condition of both the humanitarian worker, Kent Brantly and NancyWritebol, has shown improvement since given the drug.

The news was immediately welcomed an appeal to spread the medication in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where ebola victims had been very much. Nigeria, whereseven ebola cases have been confirmed, has now announced the holding of talks with a U.S. infectious disease prevention agency, the Centers for Disease Control. They areasking for the possibility to obtain ZMapp.

Meanwhile, the three most important ebola experts, including Peter Piot, one of theco-discoverers of the virus was in 1976, urged that ZMapp shared. “Most likely,ifEbola spreads across West Africa, authorities will provide drugs or experimentalvaccines to people who will get sick, endangered“ Nevertheless a third statementthatexperts, such as the US daily reported the Los Angeles Times. “African countries, whereebola now rampant should get a chance at,” so added.

Mapp Pharmaceuticals, a U.S. company that manufactures the drug was declared, anydecision to use the drugs must be taken the patient’s treating physician, in the scope ofthe regulations. The company also added, they are working to increase production.

But US President Barack Obama said on Wednesday (06/08), countries affected byoutbreaks of Ebola should focus on measures that have proved successful over this, anddon’t try drugs that are still in the experimental stage.

Nevertheless, “I will continue to look for information on what we have learned with regard to the continuation of this drug trial,” added Obama.

Experts say, expanded use of ZMapp is not a minor issue. They also rejectedallegations of unfair in using drugs to two u.s. citizens who are fair skinned. “If thefaceamount of this size, it is pressure to spread the medication it didn’t seemoverwhelming. But people have to remember, from the use of the drug is still in theexperimental stage, there could be losses, “as emphasized g. Kevin Donovan, Director of the Center for study of bioetik at Georgetown University.

He added, Brantly and Writebol is a good candidate to try out this risky drugs, because they are both experienced medically. Their knowledge helps to understandthe magnitude of the risk.

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