Interns and Committees Make the World Go ‘Round

Interns and Committees Make the World Go ‘Round

Interns and Committees Make the World Go ‘Round

By Kate Kirby Killian

Interns and committees make the world go ‘round. At least they do at the 2007 Summer National Senior Games – the Senior Olympics presented by Humana. With a full-time staff of eight working diligently to make the largest multi-sport event in the world for seniors a success, it''s the volunteers that provide the much-needed support.

The 2007 Senior Games is a not-for-profit organization that operates with a minimal budget, and the organizers want to direct most of the dollars raised to the most important part of the Games: the athletes. But a full-time paid staff of eight just can''t get the job done. A full-time staff of eight directors supported by interns and committees, on the other hand, can.

The Volunteer Director, Abby Bolt, has five committee members: Melissa Mershon from Louisville Metro Government, Stacy Serad from Humana, Sue Johnson from KIPDA, Scott Wegenast from AARP, and Kim Hite from Jewish Hospital and St. Mary''s HealthCare. The volunteer committee is responsible for helping Abby recruit 4,000 volunteers for the Games. They meet approximately once per month for breakfast or lunch and discuss the previous month''s progress. They also make plans and set goals for the next month.

The crux of volunteer recruitment will take place from mid-January through mid-April, and volunteers are able to register on-line for precise shifts/days/times/locations in which they are interested. The volunteer committee helps Abby get the word out about the Games. The committee also helps Abby distribute information by relaying Senior Games information to their coworkers and friends. The goal is to have corporations compete for the coveted title of “Most Volunteers at the Senior Games” and give awards to the best-represented companies after the event next summer.

The other directors also have interns and committee members who help manage the workload. The Athlete Services Director, Susan Hildebrand, has the help of Ashley Biel, a graduate student in the University of Louisville''s Sport Administration program. Ashley helps Susan with the athlete registration process, special services committee, and planning for the influx of athlete phone calls that will pour in during the month of January.

The Games are about the athletes, but the event is supported by the community. Interns and committee members are an integral part of the success of the 2007 Summer National Senior Games. To get involved, visit or call 893-1940.

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