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Posts Tagged ‘observation’

Observation is the sufficient tactic of all tactics employed that will help you sharpen the mind. In fact, researchers as well as others interested in observation, has proven that observation is the one of the ultimate strategies to sharpen the mind. I grew up using observation as my guide to survive. Unfortunately, my parents had little value on education, and the only time we went to school was at what time the parents felt they would get in trouble. Furthermore, I was not permitted to be in the house while my mother cooked, therefore, I had no teacher. Still, I learnt to cook by observation. I loved potato salad and slaw, so I observed carefully into the ingredients of bowls were other people cooked and went home and prepared the slaw and potato salad myself. I cooked some of the best potato salads, Macaroni Salads, and slaw of anyone around. All this from observing, yet the point are observing sharpens the mind.

If you are studying, the best idea is to study in shorter spans. If you sit for hours at a desk, it will soon frustrate the mind. Like exercising if you over exert self you will workout without getting good results. However, as you study observes the details you read. This will help sharpen your mind and prepare you for tests. Another great idea while studying is taking notes. This too will help you to backtrack and review what you learnt. It is always good to review, preview, and practice. This great strategy will help sharpen your mind. Furthermore, previewing should be the first step, since you review statements, work, and other details before you jump into it.

Observation is noting facts that come your way. The facts will help you to construct a memory that will have evidence. The mind works in mysterious ways, however you don’t have to be a master to understand how the mind works. Therefore, what you observe goes inside the mind and stays there. It takes you to cultivate the mind so that it can recall and remember without problems. To help you see how observation leads you to using other tactics to sharpen the mind we can consider the following details.


Where ever you are at the moment single out something around you to observe. As you capture the picture in your mind, notice what follows. You should be previewing at present, i.e. studying what you are observing without dwelling on the observation. In fact, before you eyes came in contact with whatever you are looking at, previewed before you noted the object.

Next, considering reviewing the observation, as you listen to your mind to see what it is capturing. Reviewing is closely examining the observation. Reviewing is a critical process that helps stimulate the mind and sharpens the mind at the same time. Review is the process or restudying what you studied in the first place.

Moving along think of repeating by singling out the observation again, and consider what you see this time as you look at the object. What is your mind saying at the moment? What does your mind see?

Write it down. As you notice details of the object, write down what you observe. Review the information and see what you come up with.

You could next move into role-playing the scene, particular if the object is movie-making material. In other words, act out what comes from your mind. See where it takes you. As you move along write down what comes from your mind. Keep going.