Top Tips for Quitting Smoking

Top Tips for Quitting Smoking

Smoking is easy to start but hard to quit. Some say it is as addictive as heroin. But don’t lose hope. If you are a smoker and you want to break the habit, you can do it.

The first thing that a cigarette smoker needs is to be realistic. Every day that you inhale more and more nicotine, your brain is getting hooked. When it counts on this substance to be there, it won’t let it go so easily.

You are on the right road when you make the decision to quit. Now it’s time to get help. Hardly anyone can break a nicotine dependency alone. Just admitting that you need help will go a long way to build a reliable support system for times when you need it most.

Make no mistake; there will be withdrawal symptoms just like any other form of addiction. When the brain is deprived of nicotine, you may feel irritable and anxious. The irritability may make friends and family want to muzzle you, but if they have pledged to help, they will get through it too.

Because you feel that you need something to do with your hands, you will put food in it. It is not uncommon to see people who try to quit smoking gain a few pounds here and there. That doesn’t appeal to most people so here are a few tips to help you quit smoking successfully in the long run.

* Try the cold turkey method – Some people believe that you can get away with cutting back on the number of cigarettes you smoke each day, but you are still smoking. When you are stressed it is far easier to pick the habit back up this way.

* Tell others that you plan to quit – Accountability is a big issue when it comes to breaking an addiction. They can lovingly encourage you when things get rough. Also, they can hold you to your goals and keep you interested in other activities that don’t involve smoking.

* Leave your smoking friends behind – This doesn’t mean that your friendship is lost forever. But, if spending time with them means hanging out with a cigarette in your mouth, then you will have to see them some other time. Just the smell will weaken your resolve to quit.

* Solidify your reasons for quitting – When you commit goals to paper, it gives them life. You are bound by them then. Use a journal to record why you want to quit. Reread those reasons whenever you feel like you are having second thoughts about your decision.

* Exercise – It can be as simple as walking or biking with a friend. Exercise releases endorphins that increase feelings of wellbeing, something you will need as you work to reach your goal.

Smoking is a habit that can shorten your life if you are not careful. Use the tips above to help you leave it behind.