Your Best Health and Wellness Online

Your Best Health and Wellness Online

As mentioned in my last post I found a business. I worked it for one month to see just what was involved. Quite frankly it took me about 4 hours to gte the basics of what I needed to know committed to memory. Not much, but there was so much more to learn. I ordered the product and then learned what worked and did not for me. I watched and read the marketing material. It turns out this was so easy to understand and sell.
The result? In my first month I made profit of 411.00 dollars. This is after my investment in the company of about 600.00 dollars and I came in on the high side. Not many businesses you see a profit in the first month. Well, thats all well and good, but what about the second month? Well my second month came and went I made over 500.00 in profit. That’s right profit! Whats amazing is that this is residual income. This is the best kind of income you can make. This means that from here on out with minimal work I will maintain this income month after month and even build it up. The company claims a 95% reorder and retention rate and I can see why. The product is simply some of the best I ever used! One word can sum this whole experience up for me.. Value!

So in a future installment I will give out all the details. I am ready to bring my friends along. I want to see how they are going to do at this and if this is a duplicateable process. Right now all signs say go so I am going. I learned that if we want to get ahead in life a little hard work is all that is needed so long as one is determined. The right vehicle never hurt either and I found a sports car! No one gets hurt and everyone benefits!

Recently I have been looking for a good way to make some extra spare income. One thing though is that I have wanted to do so in a eco-friendly way so that neither the environment is hurt and you and your friends can benefit financially or with excellent product. So I embarked on a journey. Normally I never have a problem finding good opportunities, but I had some trouble with this one. I mean making a spare 500 per month is a no brainer. Making it so you don’t harm the environment or hurt your friends is a little harder. On top of this I wanted something that would be easy to duplicate and that I could get my friends involved. I love to have success and make good money, and mind you I have, but I also like to bring my friends along and make sure they have success and fun while at it.

Some of my criteria was also a bit prohibiting. I did not want to make a large investment. I know I can spend a million dollars and start a winner franchise, but I did not have the million to spare. I wanted no inventory to hold. No carrying costs associated with it. Heck I did not want to take orders and be in charge of fulfilling them (sorry eBay but I did not want to do that again.) That was just to start. As I looked it seemed more and more difficult to find a good business opportunity.

But guess what.. I did. I found a whopper. Not only that in my first month of working it, I showed a profit. In my next installment I will share this opportunity with you. I want to help you all make it happen. I am so excited over it I can’t wait to share it with you.

Banana Sticker Fail
Banana Sticker Fail

I thought it would be funny today to just post something humorous. I found this sticker on a banana and thought it was just plain wrong. I mean those guys at Chiquita must have some sense of humor.

Anyway I thought I would share

I also will be posting under my account on fail blog. I do hope you all enjoy it there. Personally I think this was probably the last sticker that these guys put on the banana before that group got the axe.

Someone else in the office commented that they had a sticker with “LOL” on it. I will try to get a picture of that one too.

Enjoy and comment.