Far Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared ray (FIR) is a specific wave length of light from the sun. Among the sun light, the far infrared ray waves are

the safest and the most beneficial. This band of light is not visible to human eyes; however, we perceive it as radiant heat.

The earth radiates infrared rays in the 7-14 micron band from sun. Infrared energy also occurs in our body tissue. It is a

healing resource for repairing our damaged cells from various chemicals, pollutants, and harmful bacteria and viruses.

These are examples of the possible human healing mechanism by far infrared ray thermal therapy:

  1. (A) Far infrared rays are able to penetrate up to 1½ inches of the body tissue. The uniform radiant heat will increase a core temperature in the muscle tissue and internal organs. Ganban Yoku (Stonebed Spa) creates a “fever-like” environment in the body.

The elevated body core temperature is thought to:

  1. ❖ Increase antibody production and T-Cell proliferation

  2. ❖ Inhibit the grow of micro-pathogens

  3. ❖ Increases white blood cells delivery rate to infection sites

  1. (B)Through the body’s temperature-regulating reflex mechanism, the elevated body core temperature will also

substantially increase the heart rate, cardiac output, and metabolic rate while the body works to cool itself.

*As a confirmation of the validity of this form of cardiovascular conditioning, extensive research by NASA in the

early 1980s led to the conclusion that infrared stimulation of cardiovascular function would be the ideal way to

maintain cardiovascular conditioning in American astronauts during long space flights.

  1. (C)Far infrared rays increase eNOS(enzyme nitric oxide synthase) activity and expression in the endothelia cells of

blood vessels. The eNOS converts L-arginine to L-citruline and nitric oxide(NO). Nitric oxide is bound to the

hemoglobin and is transported throughout the body. NO is thought to aid in vascular perfusion by dilation

of blood vessels, thus enhancing tissue oxygenation, nutrient delivery as well as the removal of metabolism waste


  1. ❖ By maintaining vasodilation, inhibiting platelet aggregation(clots, plaque), avoiding luckocyte adhesion, and proliferating smooth muscle cells in the arteriole wall, far infrared rays help to prevent atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and to increase blood microcirculation.

---Repeated thermal therapy improves impaired endothelia function in patients with coronary risk factors,

suggesting a preventive role for thermal therapy for atherosclerosis, Journal of the American College of

  1. ❖ By bringing in nitric oxide(NO) to the wound constantly, enhanced vasodilation, angiogenesis, tissue perfusion, and the decreased level ischemia will improve tissue remodeling and will augment the wound healing.

---Monochromatic Infrared energy was effective in healing a variety of wounds that either had become

stagnant or had deteriorated with conventional management, Advances in wound care, Volume 12, Number

1, January/February 1999