How To Find Elder Care in Hawaii

How To Find Elder Care in Hawaii
How To Find Elder Care in Hawaii
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If you are a working adult and contribute to the care and support of an aging loved one, you have joined the ranks of 15 percent of working Americans who are in your same situation. You might be overwhelmed and not sure how to find elder care in Hawaii and where to start. You might even feel guilty for wanting to find out how to find home health care for your loved one.

Many of us care for our aging parents in a variety of ways. We find as we try to balance our careers, personal needs, family needs and care for our seniors or loved ones that we need help to provide a safe and caring environment when we are not able to do it for them. There is no reason to feel guilty however it is important to learn how to find appropriate senior care.

How To Find Elder In Hawaii Care Step By Step

Step One. Identify the need.

In your quest of how to find elder care in Hawaii, identifying the need is the first place to start. Assess the entire situation to determine what does your loved one need?

* Are they forgetful?

* Do they eat well-balanced meals?

* Are they eating regularly?

* Are there safety issues?

* Do they need to be reminded to take medication?

* Are there medical issues?

* Do they need assistance around the house?

* Do they need help going to the doctor?

* Would they benefit with help with cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, or laundry?

* Do they need help shopping for groceries?

* Are they lonely, would it benefit them to have a companion?

Step Two. Have a conversation.

Most seniors in Hawaii prefer to stay at home. They generally want to be as independent as possible. Much of the time seniors can continue to live in their home with the help of supplemental assistance. However before you assume that you know what they want it is best to have a conversation. Invite discussion with your loved one. Listen.

Find out what their concerns are and include them in finding a solution for their care. This will build trust and ensure cooperation in the future. They will feel you are sincerely seeking appropriate care for aging parents.

Step Three. Do the research.

You can ask co-workers, friends and healthcare professionals for home care services recommendations. You can also look online. Once you gather the information you need to look for these requirements for a trustworthy elder care professional:

* Do they have references?

* Are they insured?

* If insured, what type of insurance is it?

* Do the carry elder abuse insurance?

* Are they trained?

* Do they have certification (as appropriate for the level of care)?

Step Four. The interview.

Ask the questions beginning with the points listed in Step Three. Then ask about the reasons why they are working as an elder care professional. What is their experience? Listen to what they say and how they say it. Do you feel comfortable with them? After checking their credentials, references, and qualifications you and your loved one must feel comfortable with the caregiver.

For your convenience, print out the Checklist for Home Health Care Agencies Hawaii.

Visiting Caregivers LLC is ready to provide you with a trustworthy caregiver. We want you to feel in control as you discover how to find elder care in Hawaii and we are happy to answer all of your questions, call (808) 988-4888. For health home care services in Hawaii visit