Testosterone-Rich Foods – The Elixir of Life

Testosterone-Rich Foods – The Elixir of Life

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All people who are well informed about nutrition, healthy lifestyle and physical fitness know how important hormonal balance is for all of these factors. Bearing this in mind, it is only logical that one''s nutrition should contain all the necessary elements for a healthy physical and mental functioning. Naturally, we have testosterone hormones produced by our body in adequate quantities.

Unfortunately, as we grow older, these levels tend to decline, leading to various health problems if we do not compensate for these losses.

First and foremost, this decline of testosterones is triggered by our static and sedentary lifestyles, since, in such conditions, our body sees no point in producing this hormone. Thus, staying physically active throughout your life will definitely result in higher testosterone levels in comparison to inactive individuals around you. Additionally, specific foods can boost a person''s testosterone levels, provided that these are taken in adequate amounts.

Speaking of these foods, coconut oil takes the first place when it comes to testosterone boosting. Yet, it does not trigger testosterone production on its own. Rather, it gives our body an instant boost of energy, enabling us strength necessary for serious physical activity which results in the production of the hormone. Moreover, coconut oil prevents excessive fat accumulation, resulting in a faster weight loss too.

It has been proven that when one''s body lacks zinc, it fails to produce enough testosterone. So, logically, eating meals rich in this element will contribute to your health. No food contains more zinc that lean meat. What is more, the saturated fats within this type of meat can be converted to testosterone by our body as well.

There is no health without vegetables, especially those which are considered to be “supervegetables”, containing an abundance of nutrients. Garlic promotes reduction of cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone which has a purpose in our body, but can be dangerous when its levels are too high, since it can lead to excessive fat storage. Garlic prevents this and is thereby recommended as a part of one''s daily nutrition. Finally, the lord of superfoods is broccoli, which contains phytochemicals chapable of converting estrogen hormones in our body into some other forms. Through this conversion, the levels of free testosterone in the body get higher. Additionally, broccoli is packed with vitamins and minerals boosting our immune system so eating foods that contain this vegetable is always a plus.

All in all, testosterone is responsible for our muscle development and growth, as well as our sex drive levels and the general health of every single bone and organ in our body. Therefore, it is in our best interest to have enough testosterone in our organism, insuring our own well-being at all times.

Jeremy Haze is a blogger, personal fitness trainer, and nutritionist. His latest research is about the positive qualities ofnitric oxide reactorsin athletes’ diet. Find out more about nitric oxide here.