Getting Your First CNA Job in Chicago

The very first thing that you will need to do in order to get your dream CNA job is to make sure that you have the right set of job hunting resources. You have to know where exactly to go and whom to approach.

Below is a list of resources to guide you in your search for certified nursing assistant jobs in Chicago.

  • School or Career Center where you get your CNA degree

Before you look elsewhere, you should first enquire at your school or career center if they have certified nursing assistant jobs programs they can offer their students. Most of them have dedicated assistance programs to aid students and newly graduates in their job hunting. Also, your school will most likely have listings of several CNA jobs in Chicago area that you can use as a resource.

  • Local Chicago Nurses

Networking and getting acquainted with the local nurses can help you on your CNA job hunting. Nurses are updated with the inner happenings in the hospital, including job vacancies. They may hear about available job positions and refer you to the HR (Human Resources) department directly. Nurses have also contact with other hospitals so they might be able to forward you to other those that are in need of CNAs.

  • Nursing publications and websites

Nurse magazines and websites are great resources for finding certified nursing assistant jobs in Chicago. They have directories of local hospitals and they feature job advertisements as well, plus they have helpful articles about CNA career advancement and some tips to guide you in your job search.

  • Chicago hospitals and nursing homes

There are times when certified nursing assistant jobs in Chicago are not openly advertised. You may have to visit them in person to enquire for openings. It’s possible that they have available positions, can open one up to relieve existing employee, or keep your application active and inform you once a CNA position becomes available.

  • Your family and friends

If you have already exhausted the resources provided above and you’re still not able to land a certified nursing assistant job, then it may be high time that you reach out to your friends and family. They may be able to introduce you to an elderly acquaintance who needs private certified nursing assistant care, or they may know someone in their network who can help you find one.

If you’re unable to find a full time CNA job, you may want to settle for the meantime with some CNA part time jobs in Chicago until certified nursing assistant positions become available in the institutions you’ve applied for.

When hunting for certified nursing assistant jobs in Chicago don’t just do it by making phone call enquiries. With thousands of CNA graduates out there looking for jobs, the competition to get that single available position is quite tight. You will have that “edge” if you go the extra mile and visit hospitals and health care institution in person.

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