How To Train Like An Olympic Athlete

Have you ever wondered How To Train Like An Olympic Athlete i bet you have, when you see all these athlete’s competing at the Olympics and the excitement you get watching them. Do you wonder what kind of training they do to get there in the first place. Lets look at running, there are five sections you need to do to be able to run and train like an Olympian or maybe build up to train like an Olympian.

Each step is as important as the next its like any fitness training program, miss a section out and you don’t get the result you were looking for. Ask any Olympic athlete there will be sections of their training that they don’t like but its important to to it for them to get the best performance possible.

1. Embrace intensity
If you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey and walking is your starting point, that’s great – but try to increase the intensity with some hill walking or stair walking.

Activate your glutes on the hills and stairs, and you will notice tone developing in your calves and thighs along with an increased heart rate for cardiovascular health. If you do your hill walking on the treadmill, please avoid the most common mistake for beginners – holding onto the hand rails. If you negate the angle and lean back, you’re negating the intensity that hill walking brings.

2. For your workout: An outdoor walk at 5 to 6km/hr pace with numerous hills or use the same pace with a 10 degree incline on the treadmill.

3. Head for the hills
While running, many individuals avoid hills in their daily routine for one simple reason – they are damn hard. But if it’s hard, it will make you a stronger runner because you are using your muscles more than usual to combat gravity. You can’t become a good runner unless you hit the hills, and anybody that ran Sydney’s City to Surf understands this after facing Heartbreak Hill. Proper uphill running form depends on smaller strides, staying upright, and moving up and into the hill. During hill running, be careful of a heel strike, which is wasted movement and puts undue stress on your lower limbs.

4. For your workout: Interval training – 10 x 100m sprints up a hill, with a vigorous walk to rest on the way down. Read more here

5. Take on some altitude
If hills don’t cut it, you can always hit the mountains via altitude training. For years now, many athletes have been training and/or sleeping at higher altitudes to improve performance. According to, ‘Exposing the body to high altitude causes it to acclimatise to the lower level of oxygen available in the atmosphere. Many of the changes that occur with acclimatisation improve the delivery of oxygen to the muscles -the theory being that more oxygen will lead to better performance.’

Please remember if you haven’t trained at this level before, start slow and then build up to a level that pushes you to your limit. Training like an Olympic athlete takes time and determination but with practice you can achieve anything you want, you just need to want it to succeed.

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