Some simple hand wrist exercises

Simple Exercises to Relieve Wrist Pain
Simple Exercises to Relieve Wrist Pain

When the hand wrist pain, You may feel sad and frustrating, Starting to worry about carpal tunnel syndrome. Will you need to wear a corset, or worse, have the surgery? Fortunately, there are simple exercises of the wrist that can relieve their pain and their concerns.

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Muscle, bone and fascial restrictions.

Develop symptoms of carpal tunnel from repetitive movements of the wrist and keep your hands in awkward positions. Over time, your muscles of the forearm are overloaded. The bones of the hands and wrists change of position. Tissue, or fascia, becomes strong and close.

Instead of these tissues, restricting blood flow and nerve conduction. The arms and wrists can get his feelings:

• muscle tension,
• sharp or shooting pains,
• dull aches or nagging soreness,
• numbness and tingling,
• muscle weakness.

Movement and exercise therapy.

A movement that the causes of these problems are the extension of the wrist. His arms are pointing down (on a desktop or keyboard, for example), while your hands. The angle of the wrist is compromised.

Holding your wrist in extension for long periods of time, such as working hours without breaks, to give him problems quickly.

However, if the extension of the wrist is the root of your pain, you can avoid these problems and provide immediate relief to you with some exercises. These exercises of bending the wrist, including the muscles of the face and maintain a balance.

Isometric resistance means you do not need weights, tubes, or gym. Practice throughout their day, as many times as you need.

1st Wrist Flexion exercise sitting on a desk, an office or position yourself next to a flat surface. With the palm up and wrist flat, press the tip against the side of the surface. Keep your fingers straight and flat to focus on the wrist. Press firmly on the surface. Hold for 10-20 seconds.

2nd Wrist Flexion exercise similar to the 1st years to find a flat surface that can be pressed by his side, like your desk, table or counter. Instead of pressing on the tip of your fingers, pressed the heels of his hands. Start by pressing the palms of the hands, wrists, maintaining the straight or slightly curved. Again, to take 10-20 seconds. You should feel your forearm more than 1 year.

Feeling it.

You should feel in this exercise, the muscles of your forearm and wrist. Make sure the wrists and fingers are straight and flat. The purpose of these exercises was to strengthen the wrist and arm, but not the strength of the fingers.

If you feel pain, to reposition the arms and wrists to be straight or slightly curved. Prevent the extension of the wrist, as described earlier in this article. If, despite the pain, while maintaining the correct position, try to use less force pressing on the spot. Start slowly and increase the strength and practice.

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