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Tourism in Tarija will be a fun vacation for your family and friends. This city is located in the southern part of the country. There are lists of places to visit while in Tarija. Some of the places you must see while you are here include those of Tomatitas, Jurina jets, Concepción, Tolomosita, the dam of San Jacinto, Rincon de la Victoria, Tarija, La Casa Dorada, Tarija and the La Tablada.

These sites give you an idea about the people who live here and their culture. You should consider these attractions of the city of Tarija in Bolivia.

Tarija restaurants offer guests a wonderful dining experience. You can taste the national and international cuisine. The restaurants in this city of Tarija in Bolivia has a laidback atmosphere and the services offered by the staff here are very fast.

There are many places in and around this city of Bolivia, which you can explore. The sites worth visiting while in Tarija tours include San Lorenzo, Bermejo, Chaguaya, Padcaya and many more.

There are several sites worth visiting in this city that attracts a number of vacationers and tourists year round. National and international visitors flock to this city of Tarija. For travelers and tourists, many means of transport are present in this city of Tarija in Bolivia. An installation of this type of transportation available from here is the Captain Oriel Lea Plaza Airport in Tarija.

The Captain Oriel Lea Plaza Airport, provides continuous service to several other major cities in this country. Set near the city of Bolivia, Tarija this airport has a runway length of 10.007 feet.

Tarija is a city located in southern Bolivia. The city is well connected with the rest of the world for several domestic and international flights to Tarija. The flights to Tarija Liyod are operated by Aero Boliviano (LAB), which is a major airline at the airport in Tarija and Aerosur. You can also come from other cities Tarija through TAM airlines.

The main airport of Tarija is Captain Lea Plaza Airport TJ. It is the main gateway to reach Tarija.

The three main international airports in Bolivia are in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, one of these terminals can get connecting flights to Tarija.

Most airlines have daily flights to and from La Paz to Tarija and from cities in South America and Europe.

Aerosur has daily flights to and from Tarija and La Paz and Liyod Aero Boliviano has flights from Cochabamba to Tarija.

So adjust your travel plans Tarija and enjoy your visit to Tarija.

The Tarija in Bolivia hotels offer warm hospitality and comfort to all guests. Tarija is a city in the country of Bolivia.

Are the accommodations and hotels in different parts of Tarija for a location to their customers who travel to different areas of this city, to be quite easy.

Tourist attractions in Tarija integral part of the city with tourism in Bolivia. While scroll Tarija, you will notice that in Tarija tourist attractions are mainly related to the brilliant history of the city and country.

One of the sights you can visit is the Golden House. A historic mansion is considered one of the highlights for musical performances and exhibitions. The story is reflected in the architectural style of building that makes a perfect backdrop for cultural performances of Tarija in Bolivia.

Another historic site hosted by the Bolivian city of Tarija is La Tablada, a historic site located about 4 kilometers from the city center. The site also includes a Children’s Village has become increasingly popular with the family on holiday tourism to the city of Tarija.

The Rincon de la Victoria, is another popular tourist attractions in Tarija. Considered one of the prominent sites of ecotourism, which is located about 18 kilometers from downtown, the place is very popular (recommended).

The growing popularity is due primarily to carry Tarija is wonderful and allows easy access to city attractions.

Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The second largest city after only throughout Brazil Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is a city filled with a mixture of various tourist attractions, with backdrops of mountains, sandy beaches, Brazilian slums (favelas) and all the skyscrapers that are fused to make a truly unique. Rio de Janeiro is composed of two main regions, known as the North Zone and the South Zone, the latter of which is famous for its beaches and beautiful beaches.

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is famous for its samba clubs, the spectacular scenery of the ocean and carnaval (carnival) and the celebration of Mardi Gras, now has the reputation of being the largest dance caravan in the world . Sun lovers will enjoy the sands of Copacabana Beach and Ipanema Beach both, which have become two of the most famous in Brazil. River Tourist information comes in the form of Riotur travel agency, with English speaking staff and offices in the area of ​​Copacabana.

Tourist Attractions in Rio de Janeiro:

With a wonderful coastline of the Atlantic and the calendar of events, tourists on holiday in Rio de Janeiro since then become trapped by the things to do. Apart from the spectacular beaches, other attractions include a number of important green spaces such as the Botanical Gardens and the Parque do Flamengo, the latter is near the Guanabara Bay and offers a selection of outdoor activities. For the best views of Rio de Janeiro, position the head to the Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pao de Azucar) and take a cable car ride to the top.

The landmarks of Rio de Janeiro give this wonderful Brazilian city of character and particular, which is Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain which is famous worldwide and now is more than emblematic of the city. It is also very impressive Metropolitan Cathedral on Avenida Republica de Chile, which was inaugurated in fact only recently in the 1970 and can accommodate about 20,000 worshipers. Rio de Janeiro is also known for his contribution to Brazilian football scene and many big matches are staged each year in the newly refurbished Maracana stadium, which are absolutely essential if you are a fan of Brazilian soccer.

Rio de Janeiro, contains a number of museums, with plenty of information that documents his colorful past. The Museum of the Republic of Brazil is such an attraction based in the Grand Place Catete Palace, where the former presidents of Brazil, once lived. Offering an overview of the Brazilian monarchy, the National Museum is always highly recommended, and the Museum of Fine Arts, which has an excellent collection of works of art, both nationally and internationally.

Rio de Janeiro is without a doubt is ideally located if you want to explore the region of Itatiaia and around Costa Verde, and the temptation on many trips are tourists who want to experience more of tourism in this city. The spa is very special Grumari near Rio de Janeiro and is one of the most popular tours offering a mix of tranquility and excellent surfing conditions. It is also very attractive shores of nearby Buzios and Niteroi, along with the summer resort of Petropolis and its neighboring city, the mountain of Teresópolis.

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