Unique Alternatives to Running Outside in the Winter

If you are a runner and live in a region that experiences winter, whether moderate or harsh, it can be difficult to see how you are going to keep fit. The obvious answer would be to join a gym, but that option does not appeal to many people who are used to running free in the great outdoors. If that sounds familiar, then try some of the following options to keep your body active when it simply does not want to be.

Rent fitness DVDs from your local library. These can make you look kind of silly at times, but if someone starts making fun of you have them join in! These are great to do with other people, and you will soon find that you are working muscles that don’t usually get worked. That is only good for your running.

Take up snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing if you live in an area with snow. You can rent or buy a pair for less than the price of a treadmill. The extra resistance of the snow (especially while snow-shoeing) will help build muscles in your legs.

Join an indoor climbing gym. These are great fun and will offer you something really different than what you’re used to.

Take yoga classes. Websites like Groupon and LivingSocial (group coupon sites) send out great deals for this type of thing all the time.

If you’re a new runner and haven’t experienced running outside, try it. The key is to wear the right cold weather running clothes, dressing for about 15 degrees warmer than the current temperature outside (taking into account wind chill). Remember to protect your fingers with gloves, and wear a hat for extra protection. Whatever you do, if you decide to try this, avoid puddles at all costs, even if you have to stop and turn around. Wet feet can lead to frostbite, sidelining you for much longer than just a winter.

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