Vegan Fresh Lumpia (Spring Rolls)!

I finally got the opportunity to make my most favorite dish in the whole wide world (at present)- Fresh Lumpia aka Fresh Spring Rolls.
I love going to different Thai restaurants to try their fresh spring rolls with their nut sauce (usually peanut).

I put together my very first fresh spring rolls for my friend’s and I’s Mastermind Party (will post pictures soon on that!).
We had to make a dish that we’ve always wanted to make!

What was really nice was hearing how pleased my friends were with it. I am so happy.

Here is the recipe:

Ingredients for the rolls:

Rice paper (doesn’t matter what size) : You can usually find this at California Mart (here on Guam).
Bean sprouts
Optional: Tofu (I didn’t use tofu, but i think it’d be cool to add it)
Red cabbage
Wooden chopping board or cookie sheet

Directions for rolls:
Chop up all vegetables (besides the sprouts) to where they will lay nicely on rice paper

Warm up some water in a pan that you can dip the rice paper in. Water does not have to be super hot just really warm or really really warm 😉
Dip rice paper in and warm water for about 7-30 seconds (depending on how hot the water is) or just eyeball it and keep working with it.
Put on board/sheet and kind of spread it out with your hand
Then put vegetables on rice paper (in whatever order you want)

Then take rice paper and fold sides in first,
then fold other end of paper and make it tight and roll to other end.
Roll will stick together.

Ingredients for nut sauce:
Soynut butter (if you don’t like peanuts)
Red curry or green curry (use paste if you can)
Coconut milk
Optional: Sugar

Heat up coconut milk in pan on medium or high heat.
mix in curry.
Then mix in soy nut butter. It’s up to you how much you want depending on the consistency you want.

Put them on nice dishes and serve!
Great for parties!

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