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Hypnoband, the Virtual Gastric Band Is the Subconscious Mind’s Alternative to Surgery for Weight Loss

The possibilities of your mind are infinite and limitless, you can create almost whatever it is that you want to experience, even simulated surgery. Amazing! This may be hard to believe, but this is exactly what people are now doing to make weight loss happen for it to become a successful goal. Hypno-Band is making this happen. It is a virtual gastric lap band surgery and it takes place within the mind while under hypnosis.

Gastric lap band surgery is available, only if BMI is over 25. In some cases people gain weight just so they can qualify for this procedure. Not only is this unhealthy, but this sometimes ends up becoming a destructive behavior. Some people develop an even more unhealthy way of eating and are worse off than they were before. Gastric lap band surgery is not for everyone, as some people have fear of needles, others can be allergic to anesthetics which are used in the procedure, or the threat of infection can scare some of the bravest of people. Recovery time for this procedure could be up to 6 weeks or longer. The risks involved are huge and not everybody is drawn to this, some prefer to remain overweight as they feel they have no way of dealing with obesity. According to research some individuals can even sink into depression because of this surgery, as it takes away the one comfort they have, which is food.

Yes it can be avoided! Now you can have it all and skip the depression by undergoing Hypno-band, a virtual gastric lap band surgery which is now making waves in the world of weight loss. Clients come into a hypnotherapist’s office and are first re-programmed to learn how to eat right and maintain a healthy diet. This is done under hypnosis, which leads one into a hyper suggestible state, where positive suggestions are then embedded. Cognitive behavior is also applied at this time and this makes it a very powerful hypnotic therapy session. With this procedure you not only avoid the effects of actual surgery, but also end up saving quite a bit of money. This procedure is gentle and non-invasive, also it is completed over a period of 8 sessions which are 45-60 minutes long. You will not be exposed to any type of restrictive dieting as you go through this process. Rather than being enemies with your appetite you will learn to be friends with it and develop a whole new attitude to food and learn to eat all you physiologically need.

Hypno-band can only be done by a qualified hypnotherapist. Currently the creator of this amazing technique John Maclean has certified over 400 practitioners in sixteen countries. People are now looking for alternatives to weight loss and hypnosis is making this happen.

Do you live in British Columbia and want to lose weight without worrying about gaining it back? Than give Innervisions Hypnotherapy Clinic a call to see how we can make your weight loss goals become possible.

Jagi Egnell is owner and operator of Innervisions Hypnotherapy Clinic. She has been practicing Hypnotherapy since 2009. Here clients are guided to clear issues which are preventing them from moving ahead, this is done in a gentle and caring way. Most clients leave feeling as though they have received a deep subconscious mind massage and have a more clear path to follow. Visist us at www.hypnosisabbotsford.com to learn more about our clinic and how we can help.

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